Foul weather prevented spotter aircraft from flying until 20 October; however, New Jersey quickly made up for lost time on the gun line by destroying a Viet Cong command post and nine bunkers in support of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, who were operating about 50 miles (80km) north of Nha Trang. Are The 16in Gun Turrets Welded in Place? After a review of both plans, the Navy selected the Home Port Alliance as the battleship's final resting place. Food and bar service will be available. From that ridge, the Militia gunners could shoot directly downhill at those locations with artillery. She knocked out eleven Communist shore guns that day, and four days later destroyed the key observation post on the island of Hodo Pando, commanding the harbor. [17] New Jersey was selected for this task because she was in better material condition than her sisters, having received an extensive overhaul prior to decommissioning. Panama Canal Zone 6/4/1968. (See The Jerseyman,p.5., 2Q-2006.) In 1997, while the ship was still in the mothball fleet, the New Jersey State Review Board for Historic Sites recommended that it "be listed in the New Jersey Register of Historic Places, contingent upon the transfer of the battleship to New Jersey waters. Early in October raids to destroy enemy air power based on Okinawa and Formosa were begun in preparation for the Leyte landings of 20 October 1944. She sailed north that afternoon, firing at rail lines and railroad tunnels as she made for Tanchon, where she launched a whaleboat in an attempt to spot a train known to run nightly along the coast. [17] On 4 November New Jersey received orders to reinforce southern II Corps near Phan Thit; she arrived on station later that night. Visitors marvel at the 16" guns. 1776. [17], Throughout January and into February New Jersey operated in support of the Marines. New Jersey took up station off Tiger Island 1 October and fired at targets north of the DMZ before moving south that afternoon to engage Viet Cong targets. . The last observed mission was fired on the evening of 31 March against an enemy bunker complex three-and-one-half miles northeast of Con Thien. Overview of the USS New Jersey (BB-62) Nation: United States Type: Battleship Shipyard: Philadelphia Naval Shipyard Laid Down: September 16, 1940 Launched: December 7, 1942 We appreciate the support of everyone who sponsored and bought a ticket to this event. Who would want to fire on a ship with that type of fire power? Tim McNulty, a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune based in Lebanon said, "Everybody loved the New Jersey until she fired her guns. When reactivated in 1967 New Jersey had her 20mm Oerlikon and 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns removed, and received improved electronic warfare capabilities. That afternoon New Jersey's 5inch guns shelled enemy buildings, destroying 15structures and inflicted heavy damage on 29others. Two days later, the force came under suicide attack. This was the heaviest shore bombardment since the Korean War. Historical Naval Ships Association (HNSA) Digital Collections,, Most decorated battleship in the history of the US Navy, 37ft 9in (11.51m) (full load) The Kojo area was her target 16 October as she sailed in company with HMSBelfast, pilots from HMASSydney spotting. Air spotters reported Yangyang abandoned at the end of this action, while railroad facilities and vehicles were smashed at Kansong. Self-guided tours, guided group tours, and overnight encampments are offered on the floating museum. (Article courtesy of The Jerseyman). Moreover, Suk El Gharb controlled a ridge that overlooked Baabda, Yarze, which was the location of the Ministry of Defence, and East Beirut. She was the second of the Iowa class to be commissioned by the U.S. BB-62 at sea. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced the name on 25 May 2015, at a ceremony in Jersey City, New Jersey. Structures destroyed 439 On 28 Novemberafter 23 October 1983 Beirut barracks bombingthe U.S. government announced that New Jersey would be retained off Beirut although her crew would be rotated. Structures damaged 259 Meters of trenchline rendered unusable 1,925 [8] New Jersey's next war cruise, 13 April 4 May 1944, began and ended at Majuro. That afternoon an aerial observer located an enemy artillery position on a hilltop southwest of Cap Lay. Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial, a van carrying a 2,000 pound load of explosives, slammed into the U.S. embassy in West Beirut, killing 63, a catastrophic explosion in her No. The New Jersey, like other battleships in the Iowa-class, was meant to take on the best and biggest warships . The decision to decommission New Jersey robbed the battleship of the chance to participate in Operation Desert Storm in 1991, a military campaign to forcibly remove Iraqi invasion troops from Kuwait. This five-hour bombardment leveled ten artillery positions, and in smashing trenches and bunkers inflicted some 500 enemy casualties. [8] Between 4 and 12 July, New Jersey supported a United Nations push in the Kansong area, firing at enemy buildup and reorganization positions. Bunkers damaged 250 3 16in gun turret (located aft of the superstructure). [19][22], Her first Vietnam combat tour completed, New Jersey departed Subic Bay 3 April 1969 for Japan. The ship was complete by 1942, and after sea trials, was commissioned in 1943. [8], With Admiral Arthur W. Radford, Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet, and Vice Admiral C. Turner Joy, Commander Naval Forces Far East aboard, New Jersey bombarded targets at Wonsan 4 June. With the eyes of the world on her, at 0730, the battleship unleashed the first 16-inch barrage fired in anger in over 15 years. military flags - battleship new jersey stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. As Captain Snyder remarked; The men on todays NEW JERSEY are not afraid to experiment, to innovate, to reject old and begin new traditions. New Jersey's modernization was unique in that she was to be the only reactivated Iowa-class battleship to lose a gun turret. On the second day of preinvasion air strikes, 12 June, New Jersey shot down an enemy torpedo bomber, and during the next two days her heavy guns battered Saipan and Tinian, in advance of the marine landings on 15 June. Once she fired, it was obvious she couldn't hit anything. The Navy was to ensure that both of the reinstated battleships were in good condition and could be reactivated for use in the Marine Corps' amphibious operations. On 3 October New Jersey fired on targets south of Tiger Island, and on 4 October the battleship fired on a Communist troop concentration and destroyed several bunkers. [25] These ideas were ultimately dropped, and New Jersey retained her No. Here she broke the flag of Admiral William F. Halsey Jr.,[12] 24 August, becoming flagship of the United States Third Fleet. [17], On 11 October New Jersey engaged a coastal installation with her guns; however, she shifted her fire when a recon plane spotting for the battleship reported an enemy truck concentration north of Nha Ky. New Jersey gunners quickly retrained the battleship's big guns and managed to inflict heavy damage on six of the vehicles. [14], Although the sea had been growing rougher all day, the nearby cyclonic disturbance gave relatively little warning of its approach. [61][62] Ultimately, nothing came from that effort and the ship remains in Camden. The task force returned to the Marshalls 19 February. New Jersey and her formation shot down two enemy torpedo bombers at Truk. She sailed from Norfolk, Virginia 16 April 1951 and arrived from Japan off the east coast of Korea 17 May. Approaching the ship on the promenade. Based on these New Jersey is the most decorated battleship in US history. [17] The official PAVN history claims that on 28 October their 25th Battery, 21st Artillery Battalion using 130mm guns hit the New Jersey setting it ablaze. Songjin provided targets 23 April. [17] Early on the morning of 12 October New Jersey trained her guns in anticipation of shelling the heavily fortified and well protected Vinh caves. [42] In his memoir, General Colin Powell (at the time an assistant to Caspar Weinberger) noted that "When the shells started falling on the Shiites, they assumed the American 'referee' had taken sides. The New Jersey was 860-feet long, with a displacement of 57,350-tons. The footage in this. The @battleshipnj hosted members of the Jackson, NJ VFW for guided tours, lunch in the Officers Wardroom & the shooting of the 5-inch and saluting guns today. She was launched on 7 December 1942 (the first anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor)[6] and commissioned on 23 May 1943. Battleship NJ Sinks an Island! [48], According to a declassified command history for the nuclear-armed battleship New Jersey, during her transit through the Sea of Okhotsk on 2728 September 1986, "close passes" were made by Soviet Bear and Badger bombers, a Hormone helicopter, and a May maritime patrol airplane. The task force rendezvoused with Captain Jasper T. Acuff and his fueling group 17 December with the intention of refueling all ships in the task force and replacing lost aircraft. New Jersey took up station off Tiger Island 1 October and fired at targets north of the DMZ before moving south that afternoon to engage Viet Cong targets. [8], Assuming command of a ship already earmarked for the "mothball fleet", Captain Peniston and his crew prepared for their task. [46], In 1986 New Jersey began her next deployment, this time operating as part of the Pacific Fleet and as the centerpiece of her own battle group. New Jersey (SSN-796) is a nuclear powered Virginia -class attack submarine and will be the third U.S. Navy vessel named for the state of New Jersey. Our winner of the beautiful teak flag is Jordan Hartlove !! [17], On 28 October New Jersey steamed south to engage Communist targets. Adm. William "Bull" Halsey took Missouri as flagship of the Third Fleet in May. The last observed mission was fired on the evening of 31 March against an enemy bunker complex three-and-one-half miles northeast of Con Thien. From September 1968 to April 1969, New Jersey fired 5,866 shells against targets on the Vietnam coast. Enemy killed in action (probable) 7, Theabove excerpts are from (Operational Experience of Fast Battleships; World War II, Korea, Vietnam pp 196/197, and from the USS NEW JERSEY Command History dated 17 Dec 1969. In addition to these losses, Allied forces succeeded in damaging two Japanese carriers and a battleship. Armed as such New Jersey was formally recommissioned 6 April 1968 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Captain J. Edward Snyder in command. Bunkers destroyed 59 a cargo ship and other ships. New Jersey was one of the Iowa-class "fast battleship" designs planned in 1938 by the Preliminary Design Branch at the Bureau of Construction and Repair. yahoo,

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